The brave new world of post-pandemic payments

How is the world of payments changing in the aftermath of the pandemic and the new economic world order?


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In this whitepaper, you will discover:

  • What a post-pandemic world looks like through the lens of the payments industry

  • Where COVID has accelerated change and where it has sparked new innovations

  • Whether cashless societies and digital-only banking ecosystems are on the horizon

  • What technologies an institution can rely on to help it grasp these new opportunities

Whitepaper Overview

  • The global crisis has spurred on changes to the world of payments, cementing us on a digital trajectory and reshaping the entire customer lifecycle.

  • The last 18 months have seen the world experience an accelerated technological and societal change which would usually take decades to occur.

  • Cashless and digital transactions have become the norm rather than the exception, and financial institutions are getting to grips with rising customer demands for simplicity and seamless experience.

About Pismo

  • Pismo is a technology company providing an all-in-one processing platform for banking and payments. Large banks, marketplaces, and fintechs already use our cloud-native microservices platform. Our clients are launching next-generation solutions while migrating their legacy systems onto the most advanced platform in the market.

    Our cloud-based platform empowers teams to build fast and companies to launch rapidly, scaling as they grow to have a broader audience while keeping high security and availability standards.

    Pismo was founded in 2016 by experienced entrepreneurs and techies. We are a global company headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. We believe we can impact people’s lives positively all over the globe through our core values and our cutting-edge solution.
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